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Receive a Cash Offer

Are you tired of keeping up your property? Are all the bills past due? Are you looking for a quick and easy solution? Submit your information below so we can process it and get back to you with a response

3 simple ways PureMotive can help you


We don’t mind the severity of the home no matter what condition it’s in. With many years of experience, we can make the entire process very smooth.


You need honest and ethical people to work with. Allow us to explain the entire process of selling your home, so that there’s not questions left unanswered. We can help your situation no matter what the complexities might be.


If you decide to move forward with us you don’t have to worry about the items left behind. Take what you need and leave the rest for us, no questions asked.

Why Sell to PureMotive?

We can elimante the stress guaranteed. We can also help you find your next home. We will provide you with a creative solution for your unique situation. We are only a click/call away.






Uate U.

puremotive realty reviews

Steven and Sam were absolutely helpful in getting business done and done right. Both went above and beyond in helping my mother and I sell our house and transition into our new Apartment. Both were courteous and knowledgeable in what needed to be done during our time of trouble. They were very patient and understanding with the problems we were going through and helped us out of a very bad jam. Thanks Steven and Sam


K. Moctezuma

puremotive realty reviews

My family and I had fallen behind on our mortgage payments and were in foreclosure. We were scared because we didnt know what to do and because people kept telling me that we needed to sell our home because we were going to lose it. We decided to meet with Samuel and Steven and they were completely honest and gave us hope. They told my mom and I to keep calm as they were going to submit for a modification and stop the foreclosure. We just signed the loan modification agreement. My payments went down and my interest rate went from adjustable to fixed. I am SO grateful! Thank you both!


Yvette C

puremotive realty reviews

Don't know how to thank the two gentlemen Steven and Sam... While my family was already going through a difficult time trying to figure out different options on selling or staying in our home, these young men went over and above to ensure we make the right decision. Everyday they stuck by us, reminding us on time frames, deadlines and helped us decide what was best for us... We'll continue to work with them in the future as well…


Christine R.

puremotive realty reviews

An amazing team Sam and Steven Thank you for all your hard work, you provided us with many properties to view and we found the house of our dreams, your patience and support was greatly appreciated!! Anyone looking for a trustworthy team with these two gentlemen you’re in the best hands, even after all the doc’s are signed and you’re settled into your new home, if you have a question they are still willing to help!!


Daisy E.

puremotive realty reviews

Very grateful to find Samuel and Steven, going to Avery difficult situation, they show us the way and guide us to the entire process up to Sale our property Making the entire experience enjoyable


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